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The Clementinenhaus stands for good care - and with a salary according to TVöD-K, it is also possible to fulfill heart's desires.

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At Clementinenhaus, we know what our nurses do every day. As a hospital of the German Red Cross (DRK), we stand for humanity. That means good care to get our patients healthy - and appreciation for the work of our nurses.

That's what we promise:


We qualify our employees through an extensive continuing education and training program and degree programs. We promote careers - and in this way help our nurses to care for patients even better. patients even better.


We will support you quite unbureaucratically to also work for any of the 30 other DRK sisterhoods throughout Germany. Through the German Red Cross, you can also participate in foreign missions of the International Red Cross.


We are always available for you: During parental leave, but also in case of illness, occupational disability and old age - we take care of you.


We are involved in the Lower Saxony Nursing Council and thus play an active role in shaping professional policy for nurses.


The DRK's benefits program offers our employees attractive savings and special conditions:


Whether mentors, initial and final interviews or the welcome package - we also take a lot of time for you during your induction. Because you are worth it to us.

We offer you:

Get to know us - we look forward to meeting you.

What is the Clemi Flexpool?

You determine your own working hours and working days, i.e. you submit your individual duty schedule to us and we implement it according to your wishes, gladly also as an annual schedule.

This is how we work:

Marjan Stankovic, health care and nurse practitioner with geriatric focus
Marjan Stankovic (33)
Nurse practitioner with geriatric focus:

"I did my training in Serbia. Germany has been a dream country for me ever since I can remember. I have been here permanently since 2015, and in 2017 I came to Clemi. The house is small and familiar, you can really work well here. The most important thing for me is the further training that is offered to us. I definitely want to get more qualifications. At the beginning, my older colleagues showed me a lot of tricks on how to work more efficiently while staying close to the people. I am still grateful for this support today. We nurses do something good for people. That's what we love at Clemi."

Heike Himmelsbach, Specialist Nurse & Head of Department OP

Heike Himmelsbach (58)
Specialist & Head of Department OP

"In nursing, I have had training in different cities and a degree. I have been working in a managerial position at Clemi for ten years. The management has high confidence in us professionals. Nursing is absolutely diverse; we can go to anesthesia, endoscopy, the laboratory or the operating room in addition to general service - this choice is often underestimated! If the conditions fit like they do at Clemi, it's a totally attractive profession. If you want to experience something, you can sign up for aid missions abroad. I myself have been six times and it was always a valuable experience."

Julia Bertram, Health Care and Nursing Assistant
Julia Bertram (23)
Health and medical nurse

"I know the Clemi through my parents and considered doing the training there for a longer time. Fortunately, I decided to do it. I like working at the Clemi because I have great colleagues who make even strenuous services bearable. It's nice to be able to rely on someone. I'm glad that many colleagues have become friends in the meantime.

I also like the good interdisciplinary teamwork, which makes the work incredibly easy. The Clemi is a smaller place where you don't get lost so quickly. Everyone is greeted, treated with respect and kindness. You feel welcome just the way you are."

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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